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Imagine big milking tits, their milk flying through the air, so crystal clear that you can actually see it and you've got a sense of the spectacular quality of production that goes into the makings of this site! Now envision that tit milk being squirted from one or more lactating women at once while being encouraged to do so by the milk-loving owner of this site and, like me, you'll need to have a closer look! 

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milking tits

While Talia was pregnant (twice) she discovered that her milking tits could not only squirt milk halfway across the room but that her kinky friends were very much in awe of what was happening. So, with a little help, what started out as a fun thing to do soon became quite the kink-fest as one after another of her friends (both male and female) got in on the action, and dare I say the results are...enligthning!  

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milk tits

Milking tits and all the wonderful things that can happen with a pair of breasts that are filed to the brim with the essence of life is what's happening here! From lactating lesbians to some highly erotic, kinky bondage scenes, including Petra the Human Cow hooked up to the milking machine is the behind the scenes scoop, and all this delightful fun is updated daily for your viewing and wanking pleasure!

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big milking tits

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